Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, this is personal.

I truly appreciate
how warmly you held me in the mornings of our wakefulness
how tightly you embraced my heart in the midst of difficulties
how honestly you share the innermost fears and desires

I truly love
how gently you let me ease into the sudden life of fatherhood
how sincerely you experimented with cooking recipes that had fed our hearts
how peacefully you made me feel when we sit in silence, just breathing

I truly celebrate in gratitude
how you bravely allowed me to die, and welcomed my rebirth heartfully
how you made room for my misery, even when it can seem endless at times
how you gave permission me complain over coffee, shrimps and little fishes

To the most wonderful companion in my life...
I love you deeply, my bestfriend, my soultwin, my lovely wife.
May we always share and celebrate our laughter, our tears and our silence.
Happy birthday, sweedee.